A life cycle assessment of specialty paper

Without fresh fibres there are no recycled fibres

Did you know that the cellulose fibres in paper only can be recycled at best five to seven times? After that the fibre quality is so low, you can no longer use it to produce paper. This is why fresh fibres are essential to maintain the recycled paper system, to refill it and keep it going.   

Is fresh fibre based paper bad?

To get the facts straight, Holmen ordered an objective study from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, IVL. The results show that fresh fibre-based paper actually has a lower environmental impact than its recycled counterparts. Fresh fibre-based paper, produced in Sweden, has significantly lower emissions compared with recycled fibres produced in Germany, when looking at climate impact, eutrophication and acidification. 

Would you like to know more? Want to know how the study was made and which factors were taken into account? Download the report summary and learn more about the findings!